World’s number one: Mapfre Asistencia

We are proud of being number one assistant and service provider company with a network of more than 100 million service customers in 36 countries in the world with regards to both service and in quality and assurance. We draw our strength from our quality of service and the many years of experience of Mapfre Asistencia, the Spanish insurance giant to which we are affiliated.

Since 1996, we have established as a subsidiary of Mapfre Asistencia in Turkey, we have grown on a strong ground every year and have demonstrated the success of combining more than 15 million service providers under the same roof.

We have crowned this success with numerous national and international awards, especially the A3 Moody’s credit rating. Thanks to our valued business partners, we continue to grow and strengthen together every day…



We are at your service 24/7 with our innovative insurance solutions in the fields of automotive, health, lifestyle and assistance.

Would you like to know our main and complementary solutions that will make the lives of our business partners easier in every field?



We serve as a subsidiary of Spanish insurance giant Mapfre Asistencia in Turkey since 1996.

Anywhere in Turkey and the TRNC, over 15 million service providers are brought together under the same roof for you.

Leading assistance company in the world with innovative solutions for your health, daily life and emergency needs.


The peace of our more than 100 million customers around the world is under our guarantee


Your vehicle is entrusted to us with its maintenance, protection, roadside assistance and even cleaning from the first moment.


We offer the most innovative products for your health with our digital and traditional solutions.


Whatever you need in your daily life, from personal assistant to dry cleaning …


As the Turkish subsidiary of Mapfre Asistencia, we are proud of being the address of innovative solutions. Our priority when preparing new products is to facilitate the life of our valued customers and to carry the quality of service to the next step at all times.

Tur Assist is your different, multi-channel and innovative solution partner no matter what sector you are looking for.

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